Weddings, Parties, Anything: Best Ideas For Any Occasion

Weddings, Parties, Anything: Best Ideas For Any Occasion

Holding a 'Game of Thrones' themed party

Elliot Ryan

If you and your friends are fans of the super popular TV show, Game of Thrones, it can fun to have a themed party where everyone comes in medieval-themed costumes and enjoys food from the show. Here are some ideas to make sure your party is one to remember. 

Hire a photo booth

If your friends have made a lot of effort to ensure that they have a great costume you want to make sure that you record it with some photos. Hiring a photo booth is a good way to capture some funny shots of them in full garb. Consider having some props nearby so that they can wield some swords or declared each other king in the photos for a fun picture. You can often hire photo booths and buy or rent props from a party hire store. 

Have a themed menu

The food in 'Game of Thrones' tends to be hearty and well suited to a party of feast. Some ideas for food includes getting a spit roast and eating grilled meat, chunky pies, and delicious lemon cakes. There is even a Game of Thrones cookbook called A Feast of Ice and Fire which ideas are taken straight from the books and show. Some of the 'original' recipes require some tweaking for modern menus - especially those involving eating mice! Most of the mains tend to be mostly suited to meat eaters, but a hearty vegetable stew can be a great option for any vegetarian guests. 

Set up a large projection screen for the show

Rather than having music and other entertainment, it can be just as easy and in theme to have a large screen set up where everyone can watch a box set over the night. Have some chairs and bean bags set up, so that people who don't feel as social can just focus on watching the show. Any clean white surface can do as a projection surface but a proper projection screen will give you a clearer picture if you have the funds available to hire one. If it's a cool night consider having some blankets and throws available so that people can snuggle in and enjoy themselves. 

By planning ahead you should be able to have a party that's as big a hit as the show. Now all that's left to decide is which of your favourite character you'll dress up as for the big event! Talk to a party hire for more ideas.


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